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Givinghopetitle Summer Camp

Igor With Brothers In Pool

Shine a Ray of Hope: Send a child to Summer Camp

Igor has three younger siblings: Daniel - 8, Maxim - 7, and Dasha - 5. Precious little Dasha was initially found wandering alone near their Moldovan village garbage dump by local services and the local church. Igor and his siblings are now living in a boarding school while their mother is going through the process of being deprived of her parental rights. When Igor is asked how often his mom visits, he says every other day. In reality, he has seen her only once in the last year.

"Children like Igor often base reality on their hopes, especially when they are young", Serghei, MWB coordinator said. "If their parents have said that they will visit them, they tend to believe it regardless of what happens, which is very sad."

Summer Camp provides an escape for Igor, his siblings and others like him - An escape from the heartache. For ten days, they experience the joy of new things such as throwing a Frisbee, roller-skating, skateboarding, climbing, volleyball and football. During the camp, they also receive encouragement and a counselors' support. This helps them become more resilient and equips them with the ability to overcome setbacks in the years ahead. Most importantly, children experience the love and reality of Jesus Christ for the first time in their lives.

Igor said,
"I've learned here that Jesus is God's Son and my Savior. I liked very much the games from here. Counselors are very nice and kind. Thank you for this beautiful time".

   Igor Roller Skating Igor Smiling  Igor Running   

In the countries where we minister, there are many children who would benefit from the experience that Igor and his siblings had last summer, an experience filled with the love of Christ which can change a life forever.

Please partner with us as we try to meet our goal of sending 3,500 kids to Summer Camp allowing their time of worry, anxiety and tragedy to fade away and be replaced with youthful joy!