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Never To Late To Come To Faith Olexiy

Never Too Late


Olexiy is 83 years old and lives alone in Western Ukraine. There is a feeling of depression and decay in & around his home. His beloved wife passed away three years ago. His eyesight & hearing are very poor, and the walls of his house are covered in mold from the dampness.He admitted sadly that he was loosing the will to live.

Two years ago, neighbors alerted our local Ukrainian team to his situation, and a group of volunteers began supporting him. Now, as part of the local Soup Kitchen project, Olexiy not only receives hot meals each day at his home, but also companionship, love and support.  "The boys from my street take me to church each Sunday by car," he says. "We are in touch, it means a lot for me."

$50 gives an elderly person like Olexiy one warm meal a day for a month through our Community Center Soup Kitchen           

Olexiy was once completely alone and in despair, but now feels like he is part of a big family. Throughout his life he's had no understanding of God, but last summer he came to faith, asked Jesus into his heart, and was baptized.  "It is never too late to come to God," one volunteer from the church says, "but sometimes this journey can take a whole lifetime." 


We often associate summer camps with children, but this summer in Albania something different will take place!

A church partner from Durres, Albania runs a Soup Kitchen about 50 miles away, where many elderly beneficiaries regularly come for their daily meal.  The elderly in Albania receive very little support from the state.Our aim is to fill that gapwhile giving them hope and a little joy in their old age.      

With your help we are working on sending  elderly folk from the Soup Kitchen in Berat to Summer Camp! They will enjoy fine accommodations, have time for relaxing walks on the beach in the morning and in the evening - we are told - the men will be able to enjoy leisurely times of playing board games while the women share with one another over a cup or three of tea. 

Our Albanian team will also provide emotional & spiritual support throughout the week, through Bible readings, prayer times, and morning devotions. 


Never Too Late To Learn New Things Yoanna

"Loneliness is terrible," Yoanna says, "but I don't want to complain, instead, I thank my heavenly Father who takes care of me."

Loneliness has followed Yoanna, one way or another, for most of her life.  She was abandoned by her husband and left to raise her two children alone. Now 76, both children have gone abroad in search of a better life and to possibly send her a little support. Despite being University-educated, Yoanna lives in a flat with no heating.  In the winter, she is faced with the decision of either heating her home or trying to eat properly.  With her small pension she cannot afford to do both. "Each winter I get ill," she says, "sometimes I even get pneumonia and I struggle to afford the medicine. Most elderly people live like me in Bulgaria."

$100 provides an elderly person with fuel for cooking and heating.

The only outlet for Yoanna has been going to one of the 12 Elder Care clubs MWB supports in the capital city of Sofia.

"After joining the computer literacy and English course [organized by MWB]," she says, "I learned how to work on a computer. This encouraged me to get a second-hand laptop, which I pay $5 a month for two years. Now I can communicate with my children and it is my friend during the cold winter days when I cannot leave the flat."


Soup Kitchen Moldova

 Our Community Centers and Soup Kitchens are a lifeline for the elderly,who often have to choose between buying food or fuel.

Only through your support can we reach out to these people in need, and give them a helping hand - out of loneliness and desperation. The following are just a few examples of how your generous support would be spent ...

 $20 provides new bed linens, a basic gift that improves health and well-being

$50 provides one warm meal a day for a month

$60 provides shoes, warm clothing & hygiene items

$150 enables someone like Yoanna to take a Computer or English course, helps them learn new skills and break out of isolation

$200 keeps a Soup Kitchen open where  food, laundry facilities, training services, even bathing facilities are provided for those in need