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5-days Clubs

Changes for children

Constantin SmallThe 5-days Clubs are run by MWB staff and volunteers for children living in state-run institutions, or for children from poorer homes. They provide a great opportunity to build relationships with children across the community. Club staff visit Homes regularly to give 'Christian Input' sessions, including Bible studies, games, songs and counselling. 

Eufrosinia is one of the 5-Day Club volunteers. She says that 'the children want to learn about God and to change their behaviour. It is encouraging to see their desire to hear about Jesus. The biggest encouragement is when the children's behaviour changes. We're seeing that the seed we planted in their hearts bearing fruit.'

One child helped through the 5-Day Club is Constantin. He frequently used to play truant. Eufrosinia and Constantin were in long discussions before they came to an agreement. Eufrosinia asked him to come to just the first day of the Club. If Constantin liked that, he could continue but if not, he was free to stop attending. Constantin ended up going each day of the Club.

'I am grateful to Eufrosinea, she was so patient. She encouraged me to go to the Bible classes. I have learnt a lot of good and precious things there that nobody had told me. Before, I used to leave the school grounds, but she explained to me how important is to go to school and what the consequences will be if I drop out. MWB's volunteers are my friends who I can trust,' he says.

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