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Childrentitle Anna's story

A sponsor's view of sponsorship

Anna is just thirteen years old, but has been sponsoring another child for seven years.

'I have learned about the difficult situations other people find themselves stuck in, in countries not as fortunate as ours,' says Anna.

Anna first sponsored a little girl, named Ana from Moldova. But when she was moved out of the sponsorhip program, Anna then began to sponsor Angela, who also lives in Moldova.

'I felt a little sad when Ana left,' she says, 'but I was happy that I got to sponsor someone new who was closer to my age.'

She is clear about how sponsorship is a benefit - both to herself as the sponsor and the child being sponsored. 'My favorite thing about sponsoring Angela is knowing that I could be changing her life for the better, and that she knows that someone cares about her. The person being sponsored can feel loved, because someone is praying for them.'

Anna and Angela are two young girls separated by many miles as well as life experiences. Yet through sponsorship, they have come to know and care about each other, praying and exchanging cards. For just $25.00 a month, Angela has learned that someone cares for her.

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