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Childrentitle Education in the fight against poverty

Education is a strong weapon in the fight against poverty. It can bear much fruit in the long term.

In most of our field countries, education is free. But many poor families do not understand or neglect the importance of education.  They do not consider it a priority, thus perpetuating poverty and reducing their opportunities for a better future.

The poor/needy children are disadvantaged from the very start compared to other children and this affects their relationship to education.

They are usually not as healthy and their language skills are not as well developed.   They are also generally less well equipped socially, emotionally and physically, to follow the school program.

But free education is not always free.  In Albania, for example, the required budget to send a child to a state school ranges from 50 to 100 Euros per year. This includes school supplies, clothes, a backpack and money that the school requires during the year.

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