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Childrentitle Vocational Training

Vocational Training

Studying for a future

Prospects for children in institutions or from poor families are not good. Even if they have completed education, work is scarce. As part of our work promoting self-sufficiency, MWB runs vocational training courses for young people - catering, tailoring, bee-keeping, mechanics and many more.

Dumitru lives in an institution, where he took part in a shoemaking course: 'This is a good job to have in our country. When I go home, my mom is always waiting for me to help repair her or my brother or sister's shoes. Of course, I do it with pleasure and pride. I am very grateful to MWB for this training, which will be very important for our future.'

In addition, the budget of the institution he lives in is very limited. The director says, 'We are unable to replace the children's worn-out shoes, but at the same time, we can't stop the children playing and enjoying their free time because of a lack of shoes.'

The project solves this problem and gives the children valuable skills for the future at the same time. Dumitru says, 'At school, I am also happy, along with my fellow students, to help our schoolmates when they have problems with their shoes. So we are useful to them and at the same time, we get to practice.'

Other courses supported by MWB include:

  • tailoring
  • catering
  • computer skills
  • agriculture

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