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Communitiestitle 6.4 magnitude Earthquake in Albania

Earthquake 7

Emergency funds needed

The magnitude 6.4 tremor struck 34 km north-west of Tirana, and most of the deaths occurred in Durres, where Mission Without Borders is based, and in the town of Thumane.  Earthquake 9

Most recent update from Monika, our Albanian manager, is that the situation is chaotic. Fear and panic prevail as quakes continue, because Durres has a history of earthquakes even from ancient times; the city has been completely destroyed to the ground a few times. The smallest noise or movement is causing people to jump and run out into the streets. Even those whose houses aren't ruined are sleeping outside in their cars or in the open.

Earthquake 4  Earthquake 10

Our staff are out in the community supporting affected families and distributing much needed help including food and hygiene items. The emotional and spiritual support they provide is also vital at such a time of crisis. We are working alongside the Evangelical Alliance and other aid agencies such as the Red Cross, who have been mobilized to respond to this disaster.

Currently we are distributing food, clothing and hygiene items that we have available. In addition, a truck load of goods is currently being prepared at our International warehouse in Romania with additional relief supplies. More will be sent as soon as we can assess what is most needed.

What makes MWB unique is our rootedness in communities in Albania and the close relationships our local staff have with the families and people we work with. We will continue to support those affected by the earthquake as long as the need remains.