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Spiritual hunger met with Bibles

Feodor And MariaMany poor Eastern Europeans struggle to buy even the basics, such as food and clothing. They often have to choose between heating their home and eating, so it's no surprise that they cannot afford books. Including the Bible. Mission Without Borders' Bible Jubilee Project is providing hundreds of thousands desperate for the word of God with a Bible of their own.

Feodor is 85 and his wife Maria is 82. They have been married for over 61 years and have nine children. It is very touching to see how Feodor reads from the Bible for Maria.  Her family was poor and her parents could not afford to educate her, so she is illiterate. Feodor said "The Holy Bible is very important for me. It is the 'Book of Books'. This Book keeps us alert and encourages and teaches people to live in harmony and love one another. If it did not exist, people would not be able to tell the difference between good and evil, or right and wrong, and life itself would be chaos. Everyone should have a Bible. We have to read it, study it carefully and live according to its teachings. Only by doing this, can we know the real truth about eternal life and how to gain it."

Having lived through communist persecution of Christians, Feodor and Maria have read and studied the Bible together for years. It helped them to grow their relationship with one another - and with God. Together, relying on God, they were able to stand firm in their faith in times of hardship and persecution.

MWB is distributing Bibles through community centres and churches, to reach even the remotest parts of the countries we work in.

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