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Bringing ordinary people closer to God

AL 2011-32_5"I want to thank all the staff of 'Si Jeni' newspaper for the wonderful work you do. You have been a real blessing through the stories and articles you publish." So says Vjollca who regularly reads MWB Albania's Christian newspaper.

Vjollca is 60 years old and lived under Albania's Communist regime. About 'Si Jeni's' latest issue, she says, "I thought deeply when I read the article 'The Berlin Wall, 20 years after the fall'. For nearly 40 years I grew up with the spirit of atheism and I taught others this philosophy. I am sure the prayers of believers resulted in Albania opening up and people have the opportunity to know the truth now. I pray that God will bless you and help you continue on the path of distributing God's Word."

'Si Jeni' is a newspaper written and published in Albania. Over 80,000 copies are distributed by a network of churches to spread the Good News not only to different parts of Albania, but also Kosovo and some areas of neighbouring countries where Albanians live and work, such as Greece and Macedonia. The paper touches the lives of believers and non-believers alike.

Marina is blessed

Marina says she "felt particularly blessed by the article 'Stay in the Lord and wait with Him', because it reminded me of my own story. My daughter-in-law did not allow me to have any contact with my grandchildren after a painful divorce from my son. I kept praying that God would perform a miracle and soften her heart and I waited, strong in faith. Then we met on the first day of term in front of the school and I was finally able to hold my grandchildren! I wanted to share this, so that it can be an encouragement to you all and so that you will stay in the Lord and faithfully and patiently wait for the fruits of your ministry for the Lord. May God bless you."

Family changes

Mimoza, whose family is enrolled in MWB's family sponsorship program, really enjoys reading issues of 'Si Jeni'. She says, "I use the articles to have discussions with friends and to share the information and topics with others, especially with my children. Reading the newspaper makes me feel good. I find peace in my hard life and I have decided to send my children to church. They have a lot to learn and need to accept God into their lives. God be with you in your ministry!"