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Abandoned grandfather finds comfort

BG 2011-09_009Divorced and alone, Lyubomir was over-burdened when his own daughter left him with her son, until he received help from MWB.

"I could barely make it on my own. Caring for my grandson only added to my troubles. No matter how tough, I just cannot abandon him. Since you came along, he's safe from starving. Your hot meals are such a relief to me, as I cannot possibly provide good nutrition for the child. The food is so good. I give it all to Denis. Your daily aid is the one stable thing I can cling to during this period of fear and insecurity."


At 47, Lyubomir, who livesd in Bulgaria, is alone and jobless. Twenty years ago, he had a wife, but they divorced. Two years ago his daughter then abandoned both her father and her son. Lyubomir has no choice but to care for little Denis.

The two of them live in a single room under grim conditions. Lyubomir earns a living doing temporary construction work. But he has a hernia, and so struggles to get work and make ends meet. Denis often gets colds because his grandfather cannot afford to heat their room.

Church offers care

Lyubomir lives in the small village of Krupnik, where news travels fast. He heard about a new Community Center that the local church was starting up together with MWB. In desperation, Lyubomir asked for help. He was quickly invited to receive warm meals every weekday.
Speechless, Lyubomir can't add words to the gratitude streaming from his eyes. He now comes to the center every day and receives clothing, as well as hot food to keep him and his grandson.