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Communitiestitle Prison Care

Care eases prisoners’ punishment

MWB's Prison Care touches prisoner's hearts by meeting practical needs.

Elvira is a MWB volunteer who regularly visits prisoners. She used to enter Tulza's penal institution, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, with a friendly face and words of comfort, sharing God's love. But since Mission Without Borders started its Prison Care program Elvira also brings prisoners a practical expression of that love - crucial hygiene packages.

Visit brings happiness

MariaMaria is in prison for killing her husband after he abused her. She is illiterate and her five children now live with the neighbours - no one comes to visit her. She told Elvira, "What a great day! I am so happy. No one has ever given me a package before. Thanks so much for thinking of me."

Equally delighted was Jelena, who has two years left of her 15-year sentence for murder.  "What can I say? Is there really someone who cares? During these long years in prison, I have never been happy, but today I feel I can be happy again."

Elvira knows that prisoners need a helping hand, to feel that there is hope beyond their punishment. "My heart is in this ministry; I am doing it for the Lord and want to carry on in the future. Prisoners are devastated; they need to hear God's word and they need to feel God's love."

Tulza prison

Tulza's prison has hardly changed since it was built in the late 19th century. Today, it houses 192 men, 30 women and 22 juveniles who have committed crimes ranging from fraud to murder. The inmates are all condemned by the outside world and few have visitors. Having been abandoned by family and friends, they leave the prison with little or no prospects. Before Elvira can hand MWB's packages on to inmates, each one is checked by two prison guards, who then oversee their distribution.