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Streetmercy Life Line Of Hope NZ

StreetMercy Project - A life line of hope

Can you imagine living on the streest of Eastern Europe during the cold winter months? All too often people freeze to death or take their own lives in desperation.  

Vlada is a single, mother bringing up her two children, Maxim, 9, and Daria, 3, alone on the cold streets of Eastern Europe, where sub-zero temperatures are often the norm, this time of year. Her life was plagued with only hardship until she came to the StreetMercy project. All she wants is a decent life for her children. She has fough isolation, cruelty, and poverty her whole life. Vlada was born into a Roma (Gypsy) family. At the age of 12, Vlada's parents abandoned her at a railway station in Chisinau, Moldova.  After three years of isolation and rejection, living on the streets, she was picked up by a man who abused her in every way imaginable. Moving from one desolate shelter to the next, life for her was terrifying.

"I have never been loved,"her eyes swimming with tears. "I have always felt hopeless. Several times I tried to kill myself, but I am still alive." "My son is so brave. He goes to school, and when he finishes he goes to the streets to beg - this is our only income." For Vlada, what she finds on the streets is rejection, discrimination, temptation and addictions. These prevent her from breaking out of her situation. She has only ever known sadness, loneliness and physical and emotional abuse - there are so many barriers, that hope often feels impossible. A year ago, Yilesha, a church volunteer, discovered Vlada and invited her to the StreetMercy Project in Chisinau. Through the StreetMercy Project, Vlada received clothes, shoes, hot food and medicine and was encouraged to learn about Jesus Christ and how He can change her life. "I struggle to overcome my past", she says, "but I know how much Christ has endured for me.  I want to change myself; I want to find a job and live in a place with my children and give them a decent life."

MWB's StreetMercy project is the only lifeline, which can help Vlada and her children start again.  Our lifeline offers more than food and clothing.  We also connect Vlada and others like her with God's divine grace.  

Your gift of $12 help a homeless person for a week. $24 covers 2 weeks and $48 can provide help for an entire month.

Please help us reach out and save lives today!