Most children we work with have never had the opportunity to leave their village so recreational activities like our Summer Camps are vital to both their social and academic learning.

At Summer Camps children have the opportunity to take a break from their everyday struggles and enjoy a week (or few days) filled with fun activities, friendship with peers and adults, and encounter the truth of God’s Word and His love for them.

What happens at Summer Camp?

Children enjoy creative- and educational activities, sports, games, and entertainment.

Every Summer Camp has a Bible theme and presented through lessons, songs and activities.

Camps also create the perfect opportunity for staff to talk to children individually and understand some of their struggles in more depth.

We work to bring positive changes in the children’s behaviour. A structured environment helps the children to feel secure and to develop good habits of self-care and discipline.

Last year, all six field countries ran their scheduled full-length summer camps – an unforgettable experience that has the power to impact the lives of children for years to come.

This year, with the effect of the war in Ukraine and severe poverty on their doorstep, Summer camp will give children a safe place to play and enjoy a carefree week of fun, joy, and friendship - an unfelt experience for so many.

Would you consider financially partnering with us to share the joy of Summer Camp?

A gift of $40 would cover the costs of one day’s camp for one child




Give hope and dignity.