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Familiestitle Gathering Winter Fuel

Gathering Wood

Urgent action to give winter fuel is needed now.

Thousands of people across Eastern Europe face freezing this winter due to rising prices and increasing poverty.

During winter, Constantin says he "gets up at 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning to start a fire so our children won't freeze."  He and his wife, Zina, have three children, Diana (11), Daniel (7) and Rebeca (2).

Winter chill

As temperatures drop, Constantin has to use up precious firewood at least twice a day trying to keep his home warm. But it's a battle: Their house is on top of a hill, where the wind makes winters even colder. Their front door is rotten, several window panes are missing, and they have only one stove. Even though the stove gives heat into both rooms of their small home, it's still freezing inside.

Gathering winter fuel

Constantin went to the local forest to gather his own winter fuel. But, he says, "it's not enough. Now I can't sleep worrying how I can find work to buy wood."