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Familiestitle Operation Christmas Love

Albania 2011 OCL Family

Feed a family this winter

Kujtime Seferi smiles when she sees us approaching the rented house where she lives together with her husband and two children. Christmas is coming. The cold has limited her husband's chances of finding a job. The end-of-year holidays are rapidly approaching and Kujtime wants to create just a touch of holiday cheer for her family. "We can't afford much food, but here you are. God has blessed my family this Christmas. You are a blessing", she says, as she sees us at the door. Her face, worn with care, lights up with joy. She is holding Ledian in her arms, her two-month old son. Fatmir, (45) and her daughter, Silvana (5), also appear at the door.
The house where they are living temporarily has no heating, so the cold comes right inside. A few years ago, the family moved from the Mirdita Highlands and settled in the outskirts of Durres. They came with hopes and dreams and now they are fighting for their survival.  The arrival of Ledian compounded the difficult situation. His birthd brought much joy, but at the same time more worry about how they would manage to care for him with their limited means. They celebrated Christmas for the first time a year ago, when the Seferi family was identified as a potential family in crisis to benefit from the OCL project. This is the second time her family has celebrated Christmas. They look forward to this Christmas' OCL parcel, a very welcome gift that will fill not just the fill the cupboard and their table with food, but their spirits too.

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