"Reaching people for Christ: helping thousands of people out of poverty into a sustainable future"

Familiestitle Seeds of Hope

A Mother And Son Harvesting March 2019 WEB

In recent years, many from the rural area of Durres, Albania, have immigrated to Germany in search of a better life. Thanks to MWB's Seeds of Hope program many have been able to stay.

Sowing seeds brings self-sufficiency and dignity. Many of the families we work with are unable to cultivate their land due to a lack of support and ability. By providing a box of seeds and the know-how these families are able to take charge of their future. 

Seeds need to be sown, watered and tended as the small shoots appear and develop into crop-bearing plants. We have found that providing seeds to families produces amazing fruit in their lives. It's a picture of what is happening in them. No matter what has brought them into poverty and hardship, all have, with Gods help and loving encouragement, the potential to reach out for something better and  with their own efforts and diligence produce results to lift them out of the dark.


We provide boxes of seeds to families that have a suitable plot of land to grow and cultivate fruit and vegetables. We work alongside them to give them the skills they need to harvest several times a year. We help them grow food for their family to eat and food for them to sell to increase their income.

Each box of seeds costs $25 and contains a selection of seeds suitable for the climate they are in.  

Seeds of Hope is one of MWB's initiatives promoting self-sufficiency.