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Familiestitle Seeds of Hope

Seeds Of Hope 2016 Family

In recent years, many from the rural area of Durres, Albania, have immigrated to Germany in search of a better life. Thanks to MWB's Seeds of Hope program, the Coku family stayed, and last year reaped a fruitful harvest in their own land.

Husband Llesh was desperate, unemployed and could not raise enough money to get bread to feed his family. His wife Arta (pictured above with their 3 children) was also unable to find employment; tension and arguments filled their home.

With nowhere else to turn, Llesh signed up for the Seeds of Hope project, and began the challenge of tilling his own land. MWB supplied packets of seeds, tools, a pump sprayer, and fertilizers to help the family get started. Slowly but surely from small beginnings, the crops began to grow and the family was even able to sell surplus produce for extra income.

"Before all this, we were not happy," Arta said. "Llesh and I would shout at each other at home, we were frustrated. Now we are tired from work, but the tension is gone. There is a great pride in the feeling that we have achieved this ourselves. Before we were in crisis. Now, thanks to the project, we have been able to view and approach life in a new way."

Seeds of Hope is one of MWB's initiatives promoting self-sufficiency.

Your gift of $25, $50, $100 or more can help get a family headed  to self-sufficiency.