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Familiestitle Help Keep a family warm this winter!

Ukrainian -families -received -OWR-winter -shoes _jan 15

Operation Winter Rescue

For families living in Eastern Europe during the bleak winter months there are times when it is almost colder inside than outside,homes  are poorly insulated, many without windows and nothing more than a fireplace to keep them warm. Some even have to go outside to use the bathroom. Warm clothes and proper winter shoes are hard to come by.

Outhouse In Snow Jan 2015

 This is where you can help..... 

Operation Winter Rescue seeks to provide wood, clothing, blankets and shoes that will make the winter months bearable and for some we could even say survivable. For those of you living in the coldest areas of the United States we are sure you can imagine what it would be like having to go through the bitter cold of winter with only your summer clothes and no heating. Through your participation, you can literally"Rescue" these less fortunate souls. Rescue them from hunger, despair and disillusionment!

Please consider a donation today.