"Reaching people for Christ: helping thousands of people out of poverty into a sustainable future"

Getinvolvedtitle How you have helped

We love to hear how people are fundraising for our work. Here are a few of the interesting ideas some of our supporters have come up with.

Christmas TreeA Christmas Tree with a difference

Gerald and Helen made people in their church aware of the Mission in a very unusual way one Christmas. A Church in a small nearby town had a Christmas Tree festival. They bought one of the 20 trees and decorated it with photographs from Gerald's recent sponsor tour to Moldova, copies of our logo, and candles from the countries we serve. People came to the tree festival from miles around and learned about Mission Without Borders and how God has impacted lives. It was so successful that they are doing it again this year in their own Church.

Strawberry Tea

Pauline and Bob have supported MWB for many years. They use Bob's gardening skills and Pauline's baking skills to hold a garden tea party each year. The paying guests enjoy a traditional high tea with fresh strawberries and have the opportunity to buy more home-made cakes and candies. With a team of helpers from their Church their hard work always pays off. Everyone has a wonderful day and many poor people in Easter Europe benefit from it.

Family Fun Day

Rebecca and Bev organized a "Family Fun Day" complete with vendor stalls, face painting, food items, games, and much more.


Betty raised money to help improve conditions in her sponsored child's home through a raffle at her hairdresser's.

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