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Here's just some of the significant things you can prototype...to help the poor in Eastern Europe!



"Tell-A-Friend" Sponsorhip Coordinator

Our 300+ Child and Family sponsors know how successful the MWB Sponsorship program is! We want to prototype cheap and simple material and develop a method to ask each sponsor to "Share their positive sponsorship experience" with a few friends.  This would probably take numerous encouragement calls to follow up those commitiing to give it a try.  The fourth largest Relief and Development organization in the USA doubled their Child sponsorship, annually using this concept. 


"Involve Your Group" Sponsorship Coordinator - Humans are social animals, and are involved in various groups.  Some attend adult Sunday School classes.  Some are in a Bible Study Groups or Care Groups.  Some are on a sports team.  Some attend a community club.  Can you see yourself developing a simple system to ask current Sponsors to identify one of their groups, and "share their Sponsorship experience"?  The MWB volunteer motivates, coaches, and en-courages the current Sponsor along the way… by phone, mail, and email.  Can you imagine what would happen if 20% of the current Sponsors challenged one of their groups to consider involvement?  And 20% of them….. and so on.


Corporate Sponsorship Coordinator  - Corporations have significant advertising budgets to reach target markets.  Through existing Donors, and "like-minded" Prospects, we can provide good-will affiliation advertisement to Companies who sponsor our work.  This would take numerous phone calls and meetings with companies that want to be seen as generous, and civic-minded.  If you are a business person who regularly engages other business persons… perhaps this
challenge is for you!


Prototype the Mission Advocates Program - Would you be good at stirring up excitement for a great Ministry in your town?  The goal would be to develop new programs to: 1) Raise up new Child Sponsorships, 2) Recruit Volunteers, and 3) Increase the Direct Mail Donor base.  The following audiences are great places to start: Adult Sunday Schools, Adult Small Groups & Bible Studies, Christian Schools, Christian Universities, Home-School Groups, and  Civic Groups.   As Donor involvement is peaked in a geographic area, Annual Banquets, Donor Desserts can be launched, too.   Can you prototype a marketing strategy among one of these audiences?  If so… we need you!


eBay Auction Coordinator - This involves prototyping and promoting auctions benefitting Mission Without Borders through eBay.  eBay offers two methods of involvement for non-profits.  Sellers can donate a % of their gross to a charity.  Individuals and companies can auction goods for the benefit of a nonprofit.  Retail items can be auctioned, as well as inventories.  The most popular method is to do an online garage sale with the proceeds going to MWB.  People snap pictures of garage sale items, and agree to auction them off, package and mail them.  Auctions can become quite sophisticated by securing high-profile donated items to auction or simply emptying garages.  Youth Groups, Cub Scout Troops, and individuals can canvass neighbor-hoods… using the proceeds of sales to help the poor in Eastern Europe.


MWB Publicity Coordinator - This opportunity involves submitting articles to local papers,  asking for people with roots in our Field Countries (Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Moldova, Romania, and the Ukraine) to contact our USA Office.  Those who come forward will be challenged to either volunteer, or to involve their networks in a MWB Project.  The headline:  "MWB is looking for people with roots in…."


Ethnic Club Coordinator - Challenge Romanian, Albanian, Ukrainian, and Bulgarian Clubs to take on a MWB Project.  There are 195,000 Ukrainian clubs, alone, in the USA!  Some meeting would be necessary, but the majority of the work is phone work finding moti-vating, and challenging someone in the group to take on a MWB project, or sponsorship.


Vending Program Coordinator - Seek out the best vendor to manage retail displays to collect point-of-purchase loose change, and increase visibility for MWB.  One relief nonprofit annually averaged $100,000 net profit for many years doing this, and increased community awareness.  One vendor source is: http://www. charityvending.org/. This takes real business acumen, and the ability to work with city governments.


Foundation Relations Coordinator - The Foundation Relations Volunteer prototypes the research, Proposal generating process, and tracking systems needed to place MWBI Project Proposals in front of interested Foundations.  The first five grants are the toughest.  The next five are easier, and the remaining ones are bigger, and easier, yet.  This responsibility can develop into a long-term relationship for the right Volunteer who can make it work well.  Creative writing skills, a computer, printer, phone, and serious tenacity are needed.




Youth Advocates - Youths (13-years and older) have much to give to the poor in Eastern Europe…if given a chance.  We want to raise up an Army of Youth Advocates who are involved in Facebooking, Tweeting, etc. to involve their friends in MWB.  They can sign up for our e-newsletter, recruit their friends and do MWB eBay Auctions, Sponsorship Challenges, and more!  Visit Mission Without Borders, USA on Facebook, and "like", "share", and see how many "followers" you can develop….to ultimately help the poor in Eastern Europe.

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