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Cristian's Story

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Why Give a Backpack?

Receiving a school backpack could be the first 'new' thing that Cristian has ever had and the first belonging that has ever felt 'meant' for him.

In rural Romania, Cristian's parents leave him for days on end as they travel for miles to a rubbish dump searching for scrap metal to sell. Often they return home with their horse and cart empty, and Cristian and his brothers and sisters go to bed hungry.

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Coming here is the only way to earn some money: a rubbish dump near to where Cristian lives

40% of Romanian children live in poverty and struggle to get an education and one in eight go to bed with their stomachs empty. 

Cristian and his siblings in rural Romania need your support to break the cycle of poverty

The last thing parents in Cristian's community place any value on is education - each day is just a struggle to survive. As a result, Cristian has no one to encourage him to go to school, he does not read or write, he struggles to communicate and he is rejected by society everywhere he goes. As he gets older he will simply pass his experiences on to his children. Without investment in education, this cycle of poverty will simply continue as it has for generations in Romania.

Educationis the most important single factor for long-term sustainable development for a child, its family and its community.  

Mission Without Borders is committed to helping thousands of children, like Cristian, to break out of the cycle of poverty in struggling communities across Eastern Europe every year.

We believe that only long term investment in a child's education, material and emotional support, plus faith and hope in Jesus Christ can create real and lasting change in a child's, a community's and even a nation's existence.

For every child and teenager we serve, the journey is long and difficult.

But with your donation, for one child that journey can start now through the gift of a backpack.

 Cristian cannot do this on his own, change his world by donating now