"Reaching people for Christ: helping thousands of people out of poverty into a sustainable future"

Roxy's Story


Why give a backpack?

 To hear a child say "I AM HAPPY"

Roxy and her family live on the back streets of a muddy and poorly lit Roma village in rural Romania. Her parents and three siblings live in one room with no foundation and crooked walls, with no bathroom and little access to clean water. Despite the poverty Roxy lives in, when she enters your company, she enters your heart.

A smile is constantly on her face and nothing in her appearance betrays the struggles she and her family experience every day.  

Roxy is one of 85 children, Mission Without Borders supports at an After School project in this village. Each day Roxy takes school very seriously, and afterwards She comes to the community center to do her homework and have a hot meal. Through her confidence and willingness to direct other children, she already has the makings of a future teacher.
Roxy B
'Please', 'Thank You' and 'I am sorry' are part of her every day vocabulary now, but most importantly, she often says "I am happy."

She smiles and works hard because she is valued and is given confidence and direction by our Romanian team.

Mission Without Borders is committed to helping thousands of children, like Roxy, to break out of the cycle of poverty in struggling communities across Eastern Europe every year.

We believe that only long term investment in a child's education, material and emotional support, plus faith and hope in Jesus Christ can create real and lasting change in a child's, a community's and even a nation's existence.  

For every child we serve in Eastern Europe, the journey is long and difficult.

But with your donation, for one child that journey can start now through the gift of a backpack.