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Givinghopetitle Backpacks for a better future

Armansa And Harun

School Supplies

"I am dreaming about a better future that I will create for myself and my family through education,"  said Armansa.

Armansa is 12 years old and lives in a poor community in Bosnia-Herzegovina.  Here, many children are dissuaded from attending school because their families cannot afford the text books, supplies, meals, clothes and transportation. For Armansa's parents, putting food on the table every day is enough of a challenge, and although her father is employed, his low paying job scarcely covers the families basic living needs, leaving nothing left for the education of his children. 

This is where Mission Without Borders and donors like you step in. By providing school supplies through our Back to School Campaign the children are given the chance for an education. 

With the help of supporters, many more children like Armansa and her brother Harun can be equipped for school and a future full of possibilities just as Armansa is dreaming of.