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Update on Vladut:Vladut 2017 A

One year past and on the surface not much has changed in Vladut's Roma village in rural Romania. Many parents here are still gone for days at the nearby garbage dump, collecting bottles and whatever they can find to sell, as each day they struggle to cover their children's basic needs. It is estimated that 40% of Romanian children live in poverty, but in this region the numbers are higher. Sometimes parents return from the dump with nothing and their children go to bed hungry, and it has been known that the only thing they are given to get them to sleep at night is alcohol. When times get especially desperate, the classroom seats are left empty as their parents keep them out of school so that they have more help at the dumpsite.

The hope in this village is the After School project which Mission Without Borders supports through the local church. It reaches 85 of the poorest children here providing them with school supplies, a warm meal five days a week, space to do their homework, hygiene supplies, medical support and the opportunity to learn about God, often for the first time.

Through your support of this project, the past year for Vladut has been more hopeful. Firstly, he now has a full set of teeth, which he is proud to show!Vladut 2017 C

Vladut was born with a heart condition and had many complications with his immune system, which meant his body and especially his teeth did not grow properly. Often he was sick and not able to go to school, so he fell behind in many ways compared to other children his age.

But thanks to the After School project he has now caught up and this year he has been given the all clear by doctors. Last year he received a new backpack full of school supplies and he has received more supplies to continue to help him in the year ahead.
In every way Vladut is improving and he is now outgoing and self-confident, and he still wants to become a pastor when he is older.

Please Donate today to give other Roma children the same hope Vladut has been given.