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Summer Camp

Crafts And Lessons At Camp

Shine a Ray of Hope in the Lives of Children This Summer

After last year's Summer Camp, a young teen named Ana, wrote a letter to MWB coordinators and volunteers, expressing her thanks for summer camp, she said:  "This camp meant a lot to me. I learned many things about God and that made me happy. The meals and facilities were great and I liked the team I was part of. The camp leaders were kind and open. We all had a good time of playing, singing and praising God together." 

Birthdays are also celebrated. Some children are sung 'Happy Birthday' and given a birthday cake for the first time in their lives at camp. One of our volunteers was told by a child that camp was the greatest birthday gift of all. 

Our  Summer Camps are an expression of  hope and show the  impact that compassion and faith can have on children, families and communities.