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Givinghopetitle Multiply Your Gifts!

Gift In Kind Shipping

At any time, Mission Without Borders is working on filling a 40' cargo container with food, clothes, sports equipment, or school supplies for the Forgotten People in Forgotten Countries of Eastern Europe.

Recently, for example, Mission Without Borders was offered a cargo container with $1,032,250.00 in brand new clothes to give to the needy in Eastern Europe!  This was an opportunity to place a million dollars of top-quality shoes, shirts, sweaters, jackets, blouses, blazers, jeans, coats, and more, in our field countires... for a fraction of it's cost.

In that situation, every $1 given to shipping costs was multiplied by $98.00 on the field!

If you like the idea of having your money multiplied by 50-98 times, consider GIK shipping!  $3,500 can send an average container of food or clothes to the poor in Eastern Europe, and can impact thousands!   Simply write "shipping" on the memo line of your check.