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Bulgarian Family

Remembering Eastern Europe During Covid-19

Mission Without Borders is doing all we can to continue to bring relief to those suffering from the effects caused by the covid-19 crisis in our field countries of Eastern Europe.  The following story is one of our Family to Family beneficiaries. 

Trayko and Slavka live in Bulgaria. They have 3 small daughters. 5 year old Vanesa, 4 year old Yanitsa and one year old Eleonora.  Since being enrolled in our F2F program in early 2019 Trayko has happily worked in a local agricultural fields, while Slavka stayed at home to care for the children. After the coronavirus lockdown Trayko lost his job and the family was left without any means of survival.  He now goes into the woods to gather mushrooms and sells them to buy small amounts of food for his family.  When he had a job, the family could afford to rent a room in the town of Gotse Delchev.  Without a job or any laws to protect renters during the pandemic the family found themselves homeless. They bring water from the public tap in the village. 

"The family is very hard working but at present are in a dire situation, explained F2F coordinator Ventsislav Bozhikov.  MWB Bulgaria is the only support they have at the moment with the food and hygiene parcesl they recieve. The eldest daughter, Vanesa, should be in first grade in September. If the students don't return to school due to the virus crisis when won't have the needed means to study online as the parents cannot afford a computer and internet." 

"We feel helpless to provide for our children, shared Slavka. Eleonora still needs diapers. Vanesa will be in first grade in the fall, but I don't know how I will buy everything needed like clothes, shoes, jacket, and backpack. We feel incapable of looking after our own daughters."

Trayko added, "The living conditions in the hut are awful. Anytime it rains, the floor that is pure earth, gets muddy and often it is difficult to drain the water.  I hope the lockdown will soon be lifted and I will be able to find a job to be able to earn our living and pay rent again for a better place to live."

This story is only a small reflection of what the children and families we serve in Eastern Europe are experiencing.  This part of the world sees very little help from their governments. We are committed to doing all we can to continue meeting the needs of those we serve, but as their needs grow so ours do as well and we find ourselves struggling to keep up with it.   As the old saying goes 'It takes a village' could never be more accurate than now. Please consider joining our village and make a donation today. Every little bit can make a difference.