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Romanian Snow stall's MWB delivieries


Snow stalls MWB's deliveries in Romania

Severe winter weather closed roads in Romania preventing MWB's deliveries of food and warm goods that help families survive the cold.

Harsh Weather Conditions In RomaniaSeveral counties in the north-east and southern parts of Romania are badly affected by another of this winter's cold blasts. Many national roads closed due to blizzards and snow.

Romania's meteorologists had to issue a code yellow for ice in 16 counties of Romania, including its capital Bucharest, as well as on the main highways.

In spite of warnings, there were more than 21 car crashes in January due to black ice. A small number of people were injured. The poor conditions have forced MWB Romania  to halt regular deliveries in the north-east and south of the country. The team will continue to visit families living in districts with better weather (Sibiu district and the closest ones).