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Moldova Summer Camp


By Alexandra Groza

Summer is the most-awaited season by the children in Moldova because the school holiday starts. As usually, MWB Moldova organizes summer camp for its beneficiaries. Seven shifts of summer camps which offer recreation to 1000 CRI/CRH/CRI in COM/F2F children will be carried out. The camps are located in three different sites in a natural environment. The summer camps have started since the 3rd of June and will last till the end of June. 

During the 10 days of summer camp, the children will have the opportunity  to relax, to forget of all their daily problems, to befriend other children, have fun and enjoy every moment of summer camp. Summer camp is a good time to share God's Word and Love with the children as they have 10 full days to spend with their Christian Input volunteers for discussing, sharing, playing, praying and singing.

We would like to express sincere words of gratitude to all sponsors and supporters who contributed to these wonderful summer camps.

We pray God to bless the summer camps and all the participants!