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OWR- Helping Families Survive historic snowfall in Ukraine


  Winter seems to be going on in Ukraine in its full range. It is the end of March on the calendar, but it is February as you look out of the window and see the snow-covered frozen ground and trees. The historic snowfall and subzero temperatures that swept Ukraine since March 22nd have paralyzed the life of the capital city of Kyiv and a big part of Western Ukraine. 

The Emergency officials spoke of people frozen to death and many who applied to the hospitals with hypothermia during the last few days. 

The Tymoshchuk family, from Sarny area is one of the 51 needy families who have benefited from our OWR Project which delivered firewood, coal, peat , warm clothes and footwear to help them withstand the coldest period of the year. 

The mother of the Tymoshchuk family and her five children could not afford to buy firewood, so she and all her family appreciate MWBU's support as they have warmth in their house during these last days of the winter season.Ukrainian Mother With Wood