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Christmas Story brought to Transnistria


Transnistria is a part of Moldova, but it was declared self-governing after the war in 1992 under some external influences. This is a painful problem of Moldova integrity.
After many years of prayers, God opened a small door to Transnistria. On the 17th of January, MWB's Christian Input Team had the opportunity to present the Christmas performance in an Auxiliary Boarding School for children with hearing and vision deficiency.  Around 100 children, teachers and educators and also the school staff were attentively watching the show.
MWB Moldova was received with warmth and open arms. They said we were welcomed and anticipated.
At the end of the performance, MWB Moldova's Director, Anatoliy  and the school staff had a very constructive dialogue.
"It was a very pleasant and interesting experience for our team. We were so happy to finally come to Transnistria and to talk to these people about God's love. We pray to have more possibilities to again come to this area and reach out to this people," says a member of the Christian Input team.
We pray that God will bless and open more doors to Transnistria.