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Elderly Camp Albania

Mission Without Borders staff ministers to Berat seniors at camp


By Monika Q.

July 27, 2014 
Camps for the elderly have become a very welcomed tradition in Albania. We have chosen to organize these camps in the spring and that was the plan even for this year, but due to a very wet spring and unstable weather, we postponed them.
With the conclusion of the children's camps, we considered the possibility of sending the Soup Kitchen beneficiaries to the same location and our partnering church was enthusiastic about this idea. About fifty people from our Community Center in Berat, a project we have in cooperation with the Foundation of the Free Evangelical Churches, as well as several volunteers, arrived to help.    

Every day our coordinators Arjan and Kosta projected different Christian movie-new ones that we have not shown to the group in the past years and all with Albanian subtitles. The church staff took care of the other Christian outreach activities.
In addition, there were also two couples from the Family to Family community that have become active members in the congregation in Berat who came to these camps as volunteers. The group enjoyed the delicious food, the wonderful weather, sitting by the pool and some of them were adventurous enough to even try to swim. They loved the walks by the sea in the evenings and in the mornings and truly had a memorable time.
The Lord blessed every single day and every single person and touched the hearts of these people who felt loved and important while at the community center or in the camp.  We felt privileged that we were part of this.