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Bosnia floods


Much of the population in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been affected by the floods, while 950,000 of them are displaced from their homes. This is a true disaster for this nation.
At present, the waters have receded  and and the greatest danger now is for infections and diseases.  The Collective Centers in schools, military bases, etc., are full of displaced people. Contagious diseases are appearing frequently.  Another difficulty is the smell and dirt in the wake of the flood waters. No organized cleaning has been carried out; people cleaning their homes are exposed to many dangerous diseases.
The Mission is continually helping these areas directly along with  the local churches and the Red Cross.
People have lost their possessions. They are in a need of food, hygiene items and all other basic items. Although solidarity is on a high level in the entire country, and people in general help each other, the need for assistance will be long-term