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Baptism in Bulgaria




Ladies from the F2F and Soup Kitchens project take their most important step in life.
Our coordinator from Berat, Sonila, shares very encouraging news from the community there. She tells us that September was a very special month for the ministry of the church as well as for the ministry that the church and the Mission have together in the area.
Everything started two years ago with a baptism ceremony. It was the first baptism in our F2F community, although Laureta Ball was already a believer and a member of the congregation before enrollment into F2F.
On September 7th, 2014, the Lord blessed the church in Berat with seven new persons for His Kingdom. One is a member of our COM/Soup kitchen (Lumturi Muka); four are from the F2F program (Rezarta Nazeraj, Mirela Shehu, Armela Toska and Armela Lato) and the rest, from the local congregation. 
The five ladies began attending the local church after their enrollment in the projects (Soup Kitchens and F2F) for more than three years now. Thanks to the frequent contacts with the coordinator as well as through active participation in various activities organized by the local church, in cooperation with the Mission, these ladies were introduced to the Christian faith. Their spiritual growth was gradual and steady until on September 7th, they took the most important step of their lives and surrendered their lives and hearts to Jesus.
What makes this even more special is that all their families were present at the ceremony. This is another special blessing for the church because we know of many cases when ladies or young people who attend the church are not supported and at times, are hindered from doing so.
This was also a great example and encouragement for the other families and youngsters of the church.
The ceremony was organized at the beach of Divjaka, some 25 miles from Berat, where everybody was able to enjoy the excursion, the wonderful weather, as well as the fellowship in the presence of the Holy Spirit.