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Puppetry team brings Christmas joy to CRI children


By Lavina (Romania)


On the 13th of December, our puppetry team visited one of the communities enrolled in our CRI program. The children were waiting for us with great expectations as they like the puppet shows. Some of them remember our puppeteers from the summer camp and were happy to see them again. Others have seen a puppet show for the first time and were very impressed.

This time they presented a new play: "The Letter that was Found" which is about two siblings who find a letter and because they are curious, they start investigating where it came from. This way, they learned about Jesus who was born on Christmas and that doing good and helping people is honorable and expected of us. Although 58 children are enrolled in our program from this community 100 children were actually present. Also, over 30 parents were able to attend and they expressed their appreciation and thanks for everything that we do for their children. Christmas celebrations are long awaited by the children because they enjoy singing carols and recite poems and verses from the Bible about the birth of our Lord Jesus. Of course, another reason of joy would be that they receive nice presents. All in all, the gathering was a big joyful event where our coordinator, volunteers and director had the privilege to share the gospel and tell people that God loves them. They prayed together and entrusted everyone into God's hands and wished them blessed winter holidays!