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Happiest Child in the World



By Lavinia   March 4, 2015
Elisei of Romania was the happiest child in the world when he received the gifts from his sponsor a week ago.
He was standing at the window when he saw our coordinator arriving. It only took him three seconds to go out and greet him. His eyes were shining knowing there may be a gift for him.  His Canadian sponsor made him and his family very happy by providing food and hygiene supplies and some school items which will be very useful for him at school. Elisei could not believe what he got:
"I cannot believe I got so many presents. I like them all, especially the school supplies which I will proudly use at school. I am very happy that I have my own backpack, pencil case, notebooks and coloring pencils. Now, I look like a normal child. Thank you!"
The parents expressed their gratitude and valued every single pound of flour, sugar, rice and everything else they received.
Beneficiaries like these always make our work count. The need is great. Our coordinators, who are in the front lines, are the ones who bring them the Good News, listen to all of their problems and trials and simply try to make a difference. God is the One who changes hearts and lives and again and again offers hope for tomorrow!
The family kindly asked us to pray for them for good health and that God will bless them just as He has done until now!