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Seeds of Hope in full swing


By Miona B.
Our campaign, Seeds of Hope, is in full swing in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 250 boxes of seeds had been ordered in early February. Seeds for carrots, salad, onion, potatoes, spinach, peas, green beans etc., were packed into the boxes and the first phase of the campaign is finished.
125 boxes have been distributed to the F2F families in the community of Mostar; others were then given to our partners, the evangelical churches in Brankovac, Mostar and Capljina. The remaining distributions of another 125 boxes will be set aside for our F2F families in the three communities Bugojno, Livno and Tuzla, as well as to our three cooperating Soup Kitchens in late March.
We all hope and pray that this campaign will benefit the many who will invest their time and effort in planting and working their  gardens and eventually, harvesting the fruits of their labor!