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Bosnia-Herzegovina Landmines

Family to Family son survives Landmine


Landmines are continuing to cause devastation in Bosnia-Herzegovina despite the conflict ending more than sixteen years ago. According to the Bosnia-Herzegovina Mine Action Center, mines and unexploded bombs have killed or injured more than 8,293 people in Bosnia-Herzegovina since 1992.

Recently, one of the families we support through our Family to Family program experienced this devastation firsthand. The Karavdic family almost lost their 15 year old son when he stepped on an unexploded landmine 100m from their home in the hills of Bosnia just over a month ago. With our support, the family had recently become self sufficient and has been using the land around their home to farm goats and grow fresh produce.

MWB Bosnia-Herzegovina Country Manager, Dalibor Kojic said, "This explosion is a horrible reminder of the threat of landmines that silently surround us in this country. By the grace of God and after extensive hospitalization, the child survived" B Land Mine BH 2016

The family's son had been grazing goats on the land before the mine exploded and the experience has left the family heavily traumatized.

Dalibor continues:

"The family now live in fear that this will happen again and are scared to work their land which is their only source of income. We pray for the family, that they will overcome this tragedy and continue to progress".

We work with many families that continue to be affected by the fallout from a conflict that officially ended sixteen years ago. This includes supporting those living in areas close to landmines and unexploded munitions as well as helping them through the social and emotional impact of the devastating war. 

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