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Human Trafficking

Human trafficking awareness in Romania


we had the privilege to welcome Mrs. Monica Boseff, missionary and activist against human trafficking and founder of The Open Door Foundation. Their Mission Statement is: to give full assistance and protected shelter in emergency situations to victims of human trafficking, exploited through forced sex, labor, begging and committing crimes and to share the love of God.

Statistics prove to a shocking reality that many of us may not be aware of:

  • Presently, 27 million adults and 13 million children are victims of human trafficking - there are more human slaves in the world today than ever before in history
  • 80% of those sold into sexual slavery are under 24 years of age
  • Every 30 seconds, a child is trafficked
  • Approximately 75 - 80% of human trafficking is for sex

Knowing this, we are called to answer a stringent question:  How do we, as Christians, as people who have experienced Grace, relate to this cruel reality? 
Starting from the premise that  Together we can make a difference,Mrs. Monica Boseff emphasized the need to acknowledge and take action whenever we come across clues that may lead to human trafficking. And we should do this, not only as citizens, but as Christians who received a blessing which they must share with those in need. As we started our ministry of bringing people to Christ, we have admitted that we are tools in His hands and started on a journey in which God has full control.

Monica Boseff said: "When you say Yes to God, put your seatbelt on and be prepared for the journey of your life!"

Viorel Radu, MWB Field Country Manager in Romania, said: "This meeting is about becoming aware of what is happening so close to us. Now it's someone we may not know, tomorrow it may be one of our beneficiaries, one of our friends…We need to keep our eyes wide open and our hearts ready to share love and compassion for the potential victims."

Please pray for summer camps and for protection of vulnerable children and adults across Eastern Europe.

MWB is committed to the protection of vulnerable children in Eastern Europe. Watch this video to see the DNA of our approach