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MWB Responds to a House Fire in Romania


Housr Fire Romania News Feb 2016

Our team on the ground in Romania, have responded to the needs of a Roma family we are supporting after a house fire devastated their home.

Last Thursday was a cold but normal day for the Gabor family who have four children. In the afternoon the children returned home to an empty house as usual as their parents are forced to go for days on end to a local garbage dump where they collect bottles and try to raise some money for their children.

Two years ago, the eldest brother in this family died suddenly. The mother of the family lights a candle each day in his memory and the children do the same in her absence.

Last week the children lit a candle but then decided to go to their grandmother's house across the road to see if she had any food. While feeding the children, the grandmother caught sight of a light opposite in the window and saw that the house was on fire. It took hours for the firemen to come and put it out.

The roof was destroyed, the walls were burnt and the few pieces of furniture plus the children's clothes, shoes and school bags were reduced to ashes. The parents returned home to find they had lost everything except for the clothes on their backs.

Our Mission Without Borders (MWB) team, the coordinator, Pastor Florin and his wife Paula, plus volunteers were on the scene quickly. They tried to encourage the family and brought some clothes and blankets from the church for them. Pastor Florin also immediately contacted the MWB warehouse to see what other items were available for the family to have.

For the time being, the family have moved in to the grandmother's house. Yet for a family who already had so little, this is hard to endure and they are in need of a lot of prayer and support.

Paula, MWB's local coordinator, said: "The day after the fire, we had a Christian Input gathering at the church. I was happy to see all the Gabor children present. They were in a good mood and were wearing the clothes we had provided for them. We prayed for their family and are pleased to see the entire community empathizing with them. In spite of the poverty and the many problems, the families in this community stick together in moments like this. It is our job to provide Christian love and support especially in this kind of situation and to encourage the families here to support one another during such a crisis."