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Becoming positive members of society

News July 2017 C

After School Program in Krupnik, Bulgaria


"Hard work is the best educator", an old lady said who passed by a group of boys and girls clearing up the local park in Krupnik, Bulgaria.

These children are from Mission Without Borders' After School Project, which takes place at the local church. Through this project, not only do children have a safe place to do homework and have the only proper meal they will have in a day, but they are also taught and encouraged by their teachers to become responsible and positive members of their community. News July 2017 BNews July 2017

Most of the children come from Roma families and live in very poor conditions where hygiene levels are very low. Teachers at the After School program try to fill the gap in education that the children have not received at home, by introducing rules for good behavior, hygiene and healthy lifestyle choices in a fun and engaging way. The long-term goal is to help the children grow and to have a start in life that is equal to other children from more privileged backgrounds.

The teachers came up with the idea to clean the local park, and believe it or not, the children were up for it as doing such things are all part of what are new and positive experiences for them. Provided with gloves and bags, they divided in to two teams and transformed the local park. Local people noticed and praised their efforts and the initiative has helped to raise the profile of the church in the community.