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A Thank You from Ukraine as they Enter the Fifth Year of Hostilities

Ukraine News 2018


As the conflict in eastern Ukraine has its fourth anniversary on February 20 2018, Mission Without Borders (MWB) is thanking its staff, volunteers, church partners and donors for not forgetting Ukraine - and for making it possible for us to show Christ's love in a practical way to people affected by the war. Ukraine New A 2018
Four years on, the conflict in eastern Ukraine simmers on, sparking off a humanitarian crisis that has seen food insecurity double since 2016, escalating cases of multi-drug resistant TB, HIV and even polio breaking out, unemployment sky-rocket, and children and the elderly among those suffering from PTSD and severe psychological distress.
"We must be better at communicating to the world how the daily violence and intensifying deprivation here in Eastern Ukraine is negatively affecting ordinary families," said Ursula Mueller, UN's Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs (ASG).
MWB field country manager Mykola  said, "Now, Ukraine is going through a difficult period of its history. Ukraine's war-torn economy has been plunged into crisis following the EuroMaidan Revolution and the following conflict with neighboring Russia. Last year's inflation reached 16.4%, and the 2018 forecast is 12%. Consumer prices, medicine and utility costs are constantly rising. The current political uncertainty adds to the overall difficult situation, stalling the needed political and economic reforms.
"In such times, MWB Ukraine continues offering hope, love and support."
While MWB focuses its work in Western Ukraine, the conflict in the east has provided the opportunity for our Ukrainian team to send urgent aid to the conflict zones and to develop partnerships with the local churches who are playing a key role on the front lines.
Mykola said, "In 2017, the Mission in Ukraine alongside the local churches arranged for two relief trips with various materials for the needy people in the suffering east of Ukraine. The delivery trucks contained food, furniture, clothing, mattresses, roofing materials and 2,000 OCL parcels for the needy families. All delivered items were distributed through our local partner churches in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts."
MWB is also supporting through our sponsorship programme eight families who fled the conflict and now live in western Ukraine, and we are providing food parcels and hygiene items to a total of 100 people who have been displaced by the conflict. In 2015 we ran a summer camp for 150 refugee children.
None of this support would be possible without the hard work of everyone involved - and the generosity and compassion of our donors. As we enter into the fifth year of hostilities, let us not forget the 4.4 million people affected by this devastating crisis and let us continue to speak up, ensuring that others remember them too.
"And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up." Galatians 6:9 (ESV).