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2017 Summer Camp Follow-up event

Summer Camp Follow Up News Item



Children who attened Summer Camp 2017 in Bosnia-Herzegovina had a follow-up event which brought much joy in Mostar:
Summer Camp is such a glorious time that waiting a whole year for the next one can be hard-going.
But children and teens in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, were blessed to have a little taste of Summer Camp half way through the year when a follow-up event took place at Brankovac Church.
Seventy children and teenagers took part in the event organised by 10 church volunteers and MWB's staff. There were four groups of attendees split by age and they all heard the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego from Daniel chapter 3 - 'The Image of Gold and the Blazing Furnace'.
The Bible passage led into a talk about popularity, peer pressure, image and other issues that could lead them away from integrity. The subject was well received and there were some interesting talks and opinions within the groups. Songs of praise, fun games and refreshment followed later that day.
It was a special day for all who attended: new knowledge gained, friendships from Summer Camp renewed, joy and happiness visible on the faces and in the eyes of the participants and big anticipation of this year's Summer Camp when they will meet each other again.
Drazan , the Family to Family coordinator, said, "It was nice to see children and teenagers who we served on the Summer Camp last year in Neum. They are the ones who gave meaning to our camping then - and to our effort in organizing and carrying out this event now.
"Once again, their curiosity, simplicity and joy impressed me and made me want more to get to know them and serve them."