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Family to Family/Seeds of Hope


Many poor and disillusioned families are leaving their countries in search of a better future. They are running from hopelessness and unemployment. 

2 years ago Lek from Albania had made the tough decision  to leave his home and family in the hopes that Germany held a better future for them all. As he was preparing to go, two women from his church heard about his decision.  They spoke to him about Mission Without Borders, who partners with their church, offering supprt to individuals and families who are battling poverty. With the help of MWB and Lek and his family's willingness to work hard he was able to stay in Albania. This past autumn as you walked past Lek's land the air was filled with the scent of tilled soil. They have been able to provide for themselves, sell their produce  to others and find hope for a financially secure future. Lek says "We are grateful for this project. It encourages us to value and work our land. It gave us the skills and supplies to do just that. We can now even help our neighbors work their land. We are sharing the love you taught and showed to us. May God Bless you".A Lek March 2019 WebsitejpgA Leks Sons March 2019 WEBsite

Your support is crucial to help move a family from dependency to self-sufficiency. Our Family to Family program shares with them the foundations of our faith and builds a bridge of love between needy families in Eastern Europe and generous people in the west who God has given a heart to express His love in tangibles ways. Please consider a donation to Seeds of hope or sponsoring a family.

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A Thank You from Ukraine as they Enter the Fifth Year of Hostilities / 3/1/2018

As the conflict in eastern Ukraine has its fourth anniversary on February 20 2018, Mission Without Borders (MWB) is thanking its staff, volunteers, church partners and donors for not forgetting Ukraine - and for making it possible for us to show Christ's love in a practical way to people affecte...

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