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Operation Christmas Love – Love in a Box

OPERATION CHRISTMAS LOVE is in full swing....OCL Clip Art

Christmas is supposed to be a time of celebration, feasting, presents, family, friends and fun. There ought to be remnants of a feast stacked in the fridge and wrapping paper pouring out of trash cans. In deep winter in areas of Eastern Europe, however, Christmas is not a time of feasting and gift giving but of struggle within a continued cycle of hopelessness. For example among Romania's Roma community, four out of every five people live below the poverty line, and many families cannot afford the basics to survive let alone items to prepare for a celebration. Many do not even know that a celebration is taking place. An Operation Christmas Love box costs only $40 and will bring joy to the hopeless. 

Your kindness can reveal the hope of Christmas day. Please consider making a donation to Operation Christmas Love today!

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