"Reaching people for Christ: helping thousands of people out of poverty into a sustainable future"
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Thousands of families will struggle to survive this winter.

Your gift today can ease the burden and be a lifeline to people living in poverty.

By providing essentials including food parcels, hygiene items and fuel, you can help keep Eastern Europe's most vulnerable safe this winter.

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Breaking isolation through OCL – reaching Petru / 11/30/2017

Every morning in deep winter, Petru gets up before dawn to tend to the family goats. His is a life of hard work, routine, isolation and a daily struggle to survive. The family live in a quiet and peaceful hamlet near Sibiu, Romania, perched on a hill past many other hills. During winter, it is alm...

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Becoming positive members of society / 7/20/2017

"Hard work is the best educator", an old lady said who passed by a group of boys and girls clearing up the local park in Krupnik, Bulgaria...

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