The poorest country in Europe

Moldova is the poorest country in Europe. Corruption remains widespread, jobs are scarce, and poverty is concentrated in rural areas, where many people lack adequate sanitation and other basic amenities.

Moldova has one of the highest rates of human trafficking in Europe as people are lured into slavery with promises of paid work.

To many, the future looks hopeless and migration seems the only way to a better life: an estimated one in three working individuals have left Moldova to go overseas for work. As a result of migration, more than half of children grow up without the care of their mother or father at some point. Alcoholism and domestic violence are frequent problems, and three-quarters of children have experienced violent disciplining methods.

We work in towns and villages in southern Moldova, supporting vulnerable children both in their communities and in institutions, helping them to know they are loved and giving them educational support. We also run a women’s ministry serving women affected by domestic violence, and we work with families, helping them to break out of poverty and access training and employment.

In Chisinau, we reach out to homeless people with hot food, warm clothing and friendship.

Greetings from Tudor

Field country manager Tudor Lungu said, "There has been political and economic uncertainty and turmoil in Moldova, and people are tired of the seemingly hopeless trend of a lack of jobs, expensive living costs and the never ceasing experience of poverty. Young people stop having dreams for tomorrow and they are fleeing the country in great numbers. Rural regions are most affected by all these factors.

"In a society where many dream of becoming someone important, we are granted by God's grace  the opportunity to be part of something important and valuable - and to truly have an impact on the lives of many people in desperate need of help.

"Our biggest joy is the opportunity to connect those who feel hopeless to the Source of hope, love, joy, peace and life –  Jesus Christ – and to share with them Christ's love in action.

"We at Mission Without Borders in Moldova find ourselves filled with hope and good expectations, praying that the Mission will continue to be a blessing and a guiding light to the living Christ for many more people in the years to come. Please pray that our ministry would be relevant and effective for our beneficiaries."

Sponsor a child in Moldova

100 students in Moldova were supported with a scholarship so that they can continue their studies

510 families are supported in Moldova through our sponsorship program

1,000 children in Moldova had the chance to go to our summer camps



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