Shine a light and help bring hope to Eastern Europe

For people living in poverty in Eastern Europe, it is hard to find hope for tomorrow. You can help shine a light and create hope for those struggling against some of the most hopeless circumstances.

A child dropping out of school because he does not have the right schoolbooks; an elderly person unable to heat her home; unemployed parents struggling to pay the bills; a family separated by war and struggling to make ends meet – all of them need to encounter God’s love, provision, and hope for the future.

Your donation will help amplify our work with some of the most vulnerable people in Eastern Europe – meeting their needs, sharing the gospel, and helping them to break out of the cycle of poverty. From Soup Kitchens to self-sufficiency projects to After School clubs, we are bringing the good news of Christ’s love in a tangible way to more people - and we couldn't do it with our supporters.

A mother in rural Moldova said, “Seeing how God touches people’s lives through our Mission family makes me realize how great and good is our God, who loves everyone equally.”





Give hope and dignity.