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Out of poverty into a sustainable future

We work with families over a five-year period, addressing their immediate and long term needs and helping them journey towards self-sufficiency. Almost all of the families we work with live below the poverty line and struggle day to day to survive. Many of them have complex, multiple needs and there are often issues such as addiction and domestic violence that need to be addressed.

Sharing faith

It is the love of Christ that motivates everything we do – and our family coordinators share their faith with families where there is interest, encourage them to become part of a local church, and disciple family members who want to grow in their faith. 

It is our joy to see families resolving conflicts and restoring relationships, coming to know Jesus, being filled with joy and peace, and working towards self-sufficiency projects that will see them break the cycle of poverty for future generations, for their community and beyond.

Building strong relationships

We offer one-to-one support, providing assistance to families struggling with anything from trauma to unresolved conflict to anxiety.
We also provide skill building and training, helping adults in the family to find employment or set up a micro-enterprise.
We support parents in raising their children, helping to ensure children are properly cared for and that they remain in the family home rather than going to state-run institutions.
We offer practical support: food and clothing, medical help, furniture where needed, and winter supplies such as fuel or firewood.
We give educational support to children, enrolling them in After School clubs where they receive help with their homework and ensuring they have the school supplies they need. Many children from sponsored families also have the joy of going on Summer Camp and we make it possible for them to celebrate Christmas, Easter and birthdays.

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91 families became self sufficient last year thanks to our sponsors

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