Give a family the gift of hope
this Christmas

This Christmas will be the hardest yet for families living in poverty in Eastern Europe.
Mission Without Borders is determined to relieve the suffering and despair of vulnerable families and share the hope found in Jesus Christ through the Christmas story and simple acts of generosity.

With your help we will be delivering 42,000 boxes packed with essential food, household and hygiene supplies, and Christmas treats to families in desperate need of hope this year.  

The ongoing war in Ukraine has created over millions of refugees within Ukraine and millions more in the surrounding countries as families continue to seek safety. Separated from their loved ones and living in constant fear, many are facing yet another Christmas alone, at war, living in temporary housing with unstable access to food, heat, work, and education.


What goes in an Operation Christmas Love Box

With so many facing an uncertain future we can still help to restore hope to families this Christmas! A gift supporting Operation Christmas Love will deliver the gift of food, clothing, household supplies, friendship, and the story of Christmas to a family in need.

Together we can show the love of Christ and provide hope to families when they may feel trapped with nowhere to turn, desperate, and hopeless.

Gie the Gift of Hope This Christmas
With your help, MWB will be delivering 42,000 parcels this Christmas, helping bring joy and hope to kids in need across Eastern Europe.

According to figures released by the World Bank, the poverty rate in Ukraine has seen a significant rise, climbing from 5.5% to an alarming 24%. This increase has pushed more than 7.1 million individuals into the harsh reality of life below the poverty line.
Additionally, projections indicate that by year-end, this distressing trend may escalate further, with over 9 million Ukrainians expected to find themselves struggling below the poverty line.

Give the Greatest Gift this Christmas and bring hope to families in need across Eastern Europe

Small treats included in the Operation Christmas Love parcels bring joy to families and children.

Families across Eastern Europe are facing uncertain times and are searching for hope - something that doesn't fail even when the world around them does.

With families separated or displaced by the war and struggling to make ends meet, Mission Without Borders is committed to providing regular support to help people rebuild their lives in places far from home. It is a journey none of them asked for, and one we don't want them to walk alone on.

Help bring joy to families in need this season
with a gift of hope this Christmas.