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Training for trauma

MWB staff learn best practices to help work with those traumatized by the war in Ukraine
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Overcoming Poverty with Education

Many Roma children struggle in poverty which makes it hard for them to stay in school
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A welcome escape

Summer Camps offer kids a brief escape from the hardships they experience everyday living in deep poverty
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Summer Camps offer a place to heal

Many of the children that come to MWB's summer camps suffer from trauma and stress, not only from war, but from struggling poverty. The camps give them a place to relax and heal
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Overcoming fear for life

Xhenifer and her family have recently been enrolled on Mission Without Borders’ family sponsorship programme – and one of the wonderful ways that MWB has already blessed the family is through a summer camp: a fun-filled seaside holiday for Xhenifer, her 10-year- old sister Xhesika, and younger brother Joel.
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Delivering aid & hope to refugees in Rivne, Ukraine

Working in partnership with local churches, MWB is there to support those that have lost so much to war find hope and begin rebuilding their lives in Rivne, Ukriane.
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Summer Camps drive transformation

MWB summer camps offer the chance for kids in need across Eastern Europe expand their horizons and create memories for a lifetime.
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Finding Ministry at work

A MWB Coordinator shares how he found faith and ministry at work. Now he is able to share with the families he serves in the community
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A Life Changed

A young man in Bosnia-Herzegovina decided baptized thanks to the witness of MWB and a loal church
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Shining a light in Bulgaria

A father, supported by MWB, now has a growing business and is able to share hope in his community.
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