"Reaching people for Christ: helping thousands of people out of poverty into a sustainable future"

Mission Market

Give a Gift that makes a Lasting Difference

Ever have a hard time thinking of a gift to buy a loved one? Know someone who loves to love others? Consider making a donation on behalf of, or in the name of that special person. Our Mission Market gives you a unique opportunity to give a gift and more so, meet real needs and make a lasting difference in the lives of hundreds of children and families. 

Every item in the Mission Market will meet an urgent need in the countries where we work; Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine. 

Please take a look and see if there is something you think your family or friends would enjoy, and know that you are helping children and families build a foundation for a sustainable future.


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Girl With Bible

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Bible Correspondence Course

Wouldn't it be wonderful if children were clamoring to learn about Jesus? Well in Eastern Europe they are! Thousands of children in orphanages want to write to their Bible course leader, who care for them, while learning about their heavenly Father, who won't abandon them. 
Change five lives for all eternity.

Mothercare Parcel

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Mother Care Parcel

Having a baby should be the most wonderful time of your life. But with no proper pre or post-natal care, it can be tragic. Give a new mother everything she needs: bandages, cotton wool, syringes, medicine dropper, glucose, pre-natal vitamins and a clamp for the umbilical cord. Your gift will do so much to help a new life.

Hot Meal

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Hot Meal for a Month

Your purchase of one nutritious meal a day for a month is a lifeline for the elderly, who have to choose between buying food or fuel to keep warm. Few gifts are more important than this.

Wood For Fuel

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Wood for Fuel

Many Eastern Europeans use wood both for heating and cooking. Without it, many fear the long winter. Give a gift of wood to keep the needy and infirm warm and well nourished. You'll also be providing employment for those gathering and transporting this essential fuel.

AL 2011-12_2

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School Supplies for a Year

Children in Eastern Europeare not permitted to go to school if they don't have the basic equipment.  So simply by giving new exercise books, pencils and rulers you're giving a child an education, and a future.

Bible Correspondence

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Family Pack of 5 Bibles

How strong is your faith? And how strong would it be if you'd never owned a Bible? Give the Word of Life to build the faith of Christians; to feed those hungry to know more of God.

Give a gift of the Word to help make disciples in Eastern Europe.

BH201030_01   Seeds

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Seeds of Hope

Buy a starter-pack of seeds for families to plant their own vegetables, and you'll be planting hope for a self-sufficient future. Many families we help cannot afford  fresh food. But they can learn to grow their own tomatoes, potatoes, carrots and onions, as you sow seeds of hope.

Bed Linen 1

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One Set of Bed Linen

Sleeping in crisp clean sheets is something we take for granted.  Make a difference for an impoverished family or child in an orphanage by giving a new set of bed linens. This is a basic gift that will improve health and wellbeing.