By supporting each other, we stay alive

A family’s resolve to rebuild their lives, and village.

Once a bustling and cozy village, like so many places in eastern Ukraine, Posad-Pokrovskiy in Kherson has now been completely destroyed. Everywhere you look, buildings lie in ruins, office blocks stand without a roof, and houses are completely demolished. All kinds of facilities, such as water pipes, electricity, gas, and telecommunications network, were destroyed. A brutal winter is ahead.

We came back

In Kherson, we meet Vyacheslav and Olga. Vyacheslav said they fled from Kherson at the beginning of the war because the bombing was devastating, and there was no escaping it. People were injured and died because there was no medicine or way to take them to the hospital. Vyacheslav continued: “At that time, we could never have imagined how much evil and trouble we would face. After a few days that felt like hell, we fled with many fellow villagers. All we had with us were our documents and the clothes we were wearing.”

At that time, we could never have imagined how much evil and trouble we would face.

When Vyacheslav and Olga heard that the Kherson region had been partially liberated, they immediately hurried home. Olga showed us their house with a sad face. She can't describe the pain she felt when she saw their home, garden, and barn completely in ruins. Inside, their house looks like a rubbish dump; no roof is left on it, and there are holes everywhere. They have no other place to go, so step by step, they will have to rebuild everything again.

Last November, in the Kherson region, we distributed 1 600 food parcels, hot meals, warm clothes, blankets, bedding, Bibles, portable stoves, and building materials for roofs, including to Vyacheslav and Olga. Olga sighs: "Thankfully, we are still alive. With God, we will conquer all."

It's so important to get support. That is what we learned during these months of war: supporting each other is what keeps us alive," shared a Ukrainian staff member.

Provide ongoing support

They believe in victory and look forward to it. Until then, urgent help is needed. People have almost nothing left, and the war is still raging. We believe that our work and staff are mightily used by God; many people have come to know God's grace through them and our presence there. The whole nation is crying out for God, and we believe He will bring salvation and blessing. With your support, we can continue supporting the victims of war in Ukraine, who have lost their homes, are without water and electricity, and look with fear at what lies ahead.

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8 Million

In the last months, 1 900 food parcels have been distributed to people in need in Ukraine. 



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