Partnering for impact

Working with local churches to help more.

From smuggling Bibles behind the Iron Curtain to openly sharing the gospel, for over 60 years Mission Without Borders (MWB) and churches in Romania have together firmly trusted God to lead them through both safety and peril, to ensure the gospel is spread and people’s lives are transformed. 

Samuel, pastor of the church in Simleul Silvaniei, said, “We’re extremely happy to partner with the Mission in the glorious vision of leading people to Christ and supporting them to know Christ more and to overcome their circumstances. 

“Prayers, volunteers, spiritual counseling, practical help, and infrastructure are some of the things we gladly share with the Mission. Summer camps, after school programs, food parcels, clothing, school supplies, furniture, scholarships, birthday parties, special celebrations, self-sufficiency projects, love, dedication, and more – are things that the Mission blesses our communities with.

Together, all of this changes lives.”

Partnerships with local churches is key to MWB's success and impact in commuitiesMWB's partnerships with local churches is key to our strategy to have the greatest impact ina  community.

Timotei, pastor of the church in Victoria, said, “Seeing families overcome their difficult circumstances and have their lives changed through the partnership we have with the Mission is just amazing.” 

Marius, pastor of a church cluster in Valcea county, said, “It’s not just about the programs the Mission carries out, it’s also about the relationships that are established.”

Working side by side with churches in sharing the gospel is a key part of the way that Mission Without Borders works. Alexandru Danilenco, director of MWB in Romania, shares more about the importance of church partnerships.

Church partnerships help communities develop resources that benefit all
Church partnerships help communities develop resources that benefit all

Alexandru describes how Mission Without Borders partners and cooperates with local churches for impact: "Partnering with churches is the starting point of MWB’s ministry in a community. Our desire is for our coordinators in the specific communities to be able to invite the beneficiaries to attend a church where they can grow spiritually and become active members. 

MWB comes along to support the church in areas where the church is lacking. Jesus has entrusted the church with the Great Commission as found in Matthew 28:18-20. Many churches in our country don’t have the material or financial resources that are so very important in fulfilling this task. This is where MWB comes in. People are not always ready to listen to the gospel unless they can see it in action – and that’s what the Mission does through its programs.

As well as material support, MWB gives value to the church – we tell people about our partnership with the church and invite them to the services where they can learn more about God. 

MWB also runs Christian events within the church, where children and adults alike are able to hear about God and be ministered to.    

The churches make their infrastructure, relationships, and connections available to the Mission and the Mission regularly helps the church and people in need with material aid such as donated goods, Operation Christmas Love parcels, food and more. 

The Mission also gives church members the opportunity to get involved in volunteering for the programs and activities we run – Christian outreach events, after school programs, summer camps, Christmas parties, Children’s Day and Mother’s Day celebrations, Easter, and more. Together with the church we are working together to help people know and love God."


MBB hosts its after-school programs for children in partnership with local churches
Children in the community benefit from after-school programs and support.

Help support our work in communities and create impact through partnerships with local churches

8 Million

In the last months, 1 900 food parcels have been distributed to people in need in Ukraine. 



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