“There are no words to describe my feelings and the happiness I have...”

Raising a family is challenging enough – but raising children in poverty, living with the constant fear of how to afford groceries or pay the bills, is tough beyond measure. Many parents struggle on, oppressed by stress and fear, unaware of the strength and comfort that is available to them in Christ.

Cristina Fita, 43, lives in Romania and has battled poverty most of her life. When she struggled with her faith, full of questions and doubts, she had no one to turn to.

“I committed my life to God two decades ago, but as time went on, I found myself drifting away from him and life became difficult,” she said.

She and her husband Achim, 46, were living with their children in a one-room house that was hardly more than four walls held together by patched-up pieces of wood, bricks and dirt, standing alone in a field.

Cristina said, “We’ve had our fair share of challenges. Not having enough – and going through times of poor health – has been a part of our lives.”

When Cristina’s family was enrolled on Mission Without Borders’s family sponsorship programme, it wasn’t just the regular material help that the family needed. Cristina also felt in great need of spiritual support, to help resolve her confusion and unanswered questions.

Cristina reads with her familyCristina reads with her daughter and grandchildren

“No one in my immediate family has ever been a born-again Christian, so I didn't have anyone to confide in about my feelings or questions, especially because talking about feelings wasn’t really encouraged in our family or even in our culture in general. I yearned for someone to talk to,” she said.

Every family on MWB’s family sponsorship programme receives regular visits from a family coordinator, and in Christina’s case, this was staff member Nicu, a committed Christian who was happy to share his faith.

At last Cristina had someone to talk to – and her faith went from strength to strength. She said, “I truly cherish the moments when Nicu visits, allowing us to talk and share our prayers. Lots of questions I wanted to ask are addressed, my fears are dispelled, and I find so much happiness.”

Cristina and Achim and their children were also all invited to various Christian meetings at the local church that MWB partners with. Here they found Christian community and a place to talk to others and learn more about Jesus.

“I’ve decided to follow Jesus for the rest of my life. There are no words to describe my feelings and the happiness I have,” Cristina said. “In the past, I used to frequently lose my temper when things didn't go as planned. I was often in a bad mood. However, now my family gets to experience a different side of me, one that remains calmer and better at controlling my emotions.”

Cristina's grandchildren play in the sparse yard of her modest homeCristina's grandchildren play in the sparse yard of her modest home

In the meantime, MWB’s support has helped the family to improve their living conditions, and educational support for the children will help them secure better-paid work in future.

Nicu said, “I’m happy to notice the peace that Cristina and her family now experience. It relieves those emotional burdens that come with everyday stresses and worries. The family has found  guidance, hope, forgiveness, and a social network they can rely on during hard times.”

Cristina’s youngest child, Iosif, has also been inspired. He said, “When I grow up, I want to follow God just like my mother.”

When a family is sponsored through Mission Without Borders, they not only receive practical help in their struggle with poverty – but emotional and spiritual support, too. If you would like to find out more about sponsoring a family, click here, or call us today at 1-800-245-9191.

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The Fita family with MWB Coordinator, Nicu.
The Fita family with MWB Coordinator, Nicu.